Island of Hvar
When the time comes for you, we are ready to provide safe and relaxing experience putting health and safety of our guests as priority. Discover hotel and apartments in a peaceful and pure lagoon Pokrivenik on the sunny island of Hvar in south of Croatia. Discover sandy beach, bathe in the clearest sea with your family. Enjoy a beach holiday! The best of all, the restaurant and pizzeria with a high quality food and service and hotel Timun are located in the same bay. Start your perfect summer getaway that waits for you. Once you are here, you don`t need to worry about anything. Sense the feeling of dry and warm summer climate, the sun and the sea. Relax and experience a true meaning of vacation. Whichever of our apartments or Villas you chose to go, we guarantee a special holiday to remember during hot summer on the island of Hvar !

More about the island of Hvar and the Pokrivenik lagoon. The fourth largest of Adriatic islands, located in the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea, Island of Hvar is also called Sunny Hvar because of large number of sunny days. The lively outlook of the island is due to hundreds of acres of vineyards, olive trees, lavender, rosemary and herbs growing all over the island. Due to its specific Mediterranean climate and lush greenery Hvar is attractive destination all year round. Exactly on this side is the Pokrivenik lagoon, situated between Sućuraj and Jelsa, under Gdinj. Pokrivenik is one of the most beautiful Adriatic bays. The incredibly blue sea, the cliffs carved by the strong winds, the enchanting smell of the Mediterranean greenery in pristine nature will be a memorable and unique experience to any visitor. At the bottom of the lagoon is the sandy beach surrounded by high rocks and cliffs filled with caves of historical importance since there had been found traces of Neolithic culture.

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