Restoran Timun

Delicious food and good location

Restaurant and pizzeria are right next to the sea within Timun Hotel in the coveted Pokrivenik bay. On our menu you can find a great selection of fresh seafood, and other seafood specialties that reach your table straight from the Adriatic Sea. In addition to fish, we also offer meat dishes and pekks, and pizza biscuits. For a complete Mediterranean experience, all of our dishes are based on local spices and natural olive oil from the island of Hvar. You can additionally spice up your meal with the drops of the top wines of the Hvar wineries Tomic and Plenkovic. The restaurant is located in a great location for visitors with boats and sailboats, as there is a small docking station in front of the restaurant. With delicious food and good location, you expect a wonderful view of the sea and friendly staff.

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